Our partners

At Diglife we work with a wide range of partners within different industries and markets globally. This enables us to expand our horizon, build our brands and develop our companies on a global scale across a wide range of markets and industries. We connect our network in innovative ways to explore exciting ideas.


The makers of this fine homepage and a busy company in the esports web developing industry. They specialize in e-sports, making their websites optimal for organizations like Ninjas in Pyjamas. If you have an organization needing a home, Esportsify's your company.


A comfortable, reliable chair is a must for our players when they practise, play official matches and bootcamp. DX Racer just so happens to provide exactly that. We're extremely happy to have them back as one of our main partners. Keep an eye out for some pretty epic collaborations in the future.


SkinArena is where you go if you have a tendency to take risks. Participate in huge pots of CS:GO skins and have a chance at bringing home the grand prize. It's fun, challenging and rewarding so try your luck at SkinArena, NiP's latest partner.

Nocco BCAA

Nocco BCAA is our go-to energy drink. The cans contain nothing but natural ingredients plus they are 100 % sugar free. It's a natural choice if you care about your body and need to keep it in tip top shape. We're happy to have them as a partner, making sure we have all of the nutrition we need when going into bootcamps and tournaments.


XMG is all about putting power in the hands of a traveller. Their laptops are unparalleled and suits us perfectly as our players are basically on the road all year long. E-sports is a mix between skill and the right gear. That's why XMG was the obvious choice for us.


Crucial is one of the biggest Memory and Flash storage manufacturers in the world. They're known for their extensive testing and quality control to ensure that their customers get the best product possible.


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If you haven't heard of EIZO, then you haven't been paying attention. EIZO blends cutting edge technology with gaming friendly features. These are just some of the reasons that made our Ninjas decide to put their faith in EIZO monitors.